Processing Facility & Services

Processing Facility

Our processing facility in Pahang is strategically located in close proximity to the fish landing jetty in LKIM Complex Kuantan, Pahang.

Accredited Qualifications

Our facility is ISO 22000, HACCP, GMP, HALAL and MeSTI certified.


We utilize IQF technology and semi-contact blast freezers in our processing activities, allowing us to produce individually frozen units of frozen seafood products.

In order to enhance the quality and freshness of our frozen seafood products, we utilise a freezer hardener to undertake the glazing process, and a defrosting machine to minimise contamination and product deterioration when defrosting frozen blocks of seafood supplies.

Our processing facility is also equipped with a freezer storage room which allows us to maintain the freshness and quality of our frozen seafood products.


 2.Cutting & Cleaning

3.Freezing Using IQF Freezer & Semi-Contact Blast Freezer

IQF Freezer

Semi-Contact Blast Freezer



5.Packaging Such As Master Packaging As Well As Vacuum & Skin Packs

Master Packaging

Vacuum & Skin Packs

1.Skin Pack

2.Vacuum Pack

6.Freezer Storage Room

Examples of our frozen seafood products are illustrated below: